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Commercial Jingles have been around for years. They are a staple in the advertising industry to bring attention to a business. For TV and Radio, they have also been a source a amusement for the listener as well. But mainly, a good Jingle will give your business that "Musical Identity" that On Demand Soundtraxx specializes in bringing to our clients. Soon, we'll have some demos to listen to, including some advertising campaigns that are available to your business.
Bringing Music to Your WorldOn Demand Soundtraxx Jingle writers always work to write well conceived, effective jingles. That way when you hear a great jingle, then you cannot help but think that the jingle is perfect for the product your hearing on the commercial. When you can remember the words to a great jingle, then you can appreciate that a great advertising jingle specialist can come up with that "hook" to make something unique and creative ... and again, that "Musical" Identity". What's the goal? If the jingle we produce catchs  enough attention to increase your sales or web traffic, then your product will be associated with that jingle for life and people will remember the product by remembering the jingle. We endeavor to write a "Hit Jingle Song" with clever lyrics and a memorable melody to attract attention to your product or service.  We can even arrange a "Jingle Parody" based on a popular song that works the same way.  You need the perfect song to do it, but it  can be very effective and memorable as well.  Then all you have to do is get that jingle played on as many advertising venues as possible to spread your word. Radio Ads, TV Commercials and on your websites are the places you'll want to use the most.
This Jingle-Parody theme song base on Bob Seger's song "MainStreet", a favorite of all Seger fans everywhere, was commissioned by WebHitAds.com. Simply called "DoMain Street", the jingle helps promote the domain registration and hosting company, DownOnDomainStreet.com.  More demos will be added soon.  Stay Tuned.
"DoMain Street" (full version)
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