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What are Traxx?

Controlling the TraxxWhen you commission Music or Songs from On Demand Soundtraxx, you will receive specially composed and arranged Musical Soundtracks or what we call "Traxx" to bring your unique, Musical Identity to life for your business or musical dream memories for your life.  From a classic orchestral piece to a good rock song, On Demand Sountraxx can do it all.  Here are some examples. Enjoy!

Check out the following Fanfare commissioned by Josh Murzynski, lead artist at Kleos Studios, a graphic art and film development company in Glendale, Arizona!
"Glory for Kleos"
In the soon to be released "Soliloquy", a musical novel, from Paaul, an Overture featuring the songs in the musical novel is in the final stages of production. Here is a sneak peak of "Overture from Soliloquy".
"Overture from "Soliloquy""

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